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The coin toss has left Mego Corp no other choice but to add Two-Face to the 50th Anniversary World’s Greatest Super-Heroes collection! Harvey Dent was a brilliant District Attorney, crusading to prosecute Gotham City’s most notorious criminals. Then mobster Sal Maroni, disfigured Dent by throwing acid in his face. The horrible attack left Dent’s face and body disfigured … but the scarring unleashed a dual personality long lurking within his psyche - the arch villain Two-Face! Two-Face captures that same iconic look of the original World’s Greatest Super-Hero action figures. Wearing his trademark split dress suit to reflect his split personality, Two-Face even comes in a classically styled split color window box! Don’t risk missing out on this all-new Super Foe! Collect them all - the 50th Anniversary World’s Greatest Super-Heroes by Mego!


8" action figure

26 points of articulation













































































































































































































































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Mego World's Greatest Super-Heroes: Two-Face