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Mego Corp continues the 50th Anniversary World’s Greatest Super-Heroes celebration with 8 all new classically styled Mego DC Comics action figures! Firestorm is making his Mego debut! (F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.) was a project dealing with matter transmutation at Hudson University. In an unforeseen accident, student Ronnie Raymond and Physicist Martin Stein were caught in a reactor explosion. The two individuals were fused into one being – becoming Firestorm!  Firestorm, with the ability to change matter into any form he chooses fights injustice wherever it may be found! Firestorm captures that same iconic look of the original World’s Greatest Super-Hero action figures! The Nuclear Man will fit right in with all of your other 50th Anniversary WGSH figures! Collect them all - the 50th Anniversary World’s Greatest Super-Heroes by Mego!


8" action figure

26 points of articulation









































































































































































































































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Mego World's Greatest Super-Heroes: Firestorm