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Mego Minix Figures - Starchild


The next evolution in collectible figures has begun - Mego Minix Figures!  These ultra-cool, collectible vinyl figures stand 5 inches tall and are packed with hyper stylized character specific detail and sculpting!  Mego Minx Figures will bring all your favorite Pop Culture characters and Sports personalities to life!  “They’ll drive us wild, we'll drive you crazy …”  the Demon and Starchild of KISS are taking their iconic stage performance to the world of Minix! KISS - the hottest band in the world are now available as Minix figures! - Collect them all - build your KISS Mego Minix Figures collection!  “They’re lookin' fancy and you’ll like their style!”


  • Highly collectible
  • Hyper stylized caricature
  • Character specific detail and sculpting
  • Vinyl figure approximately 5-inches tall

KISS Starchild