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Mego welcomes the Hunchback to the Mad Monster party! Mego is thrilled to present the World’s Greatest Mego Monsters - The Hunchback action figure! The Hunchback is being brought to life in the classic Mego 8” style for the very first time! The Hunchback is feared by the townspeople as some sort of hideous monster. But there are also some who say he is a kindhearted protector of the innocent. Where does legend end and truth begin? What secrets does the Hunchback truly hide? Do you dare enter the hallowed cathedral halls to find out? Exploring the catacombs of the sacred basilica, Mego has returned with the all-new 8” Hunchback action figure! The Hunchback comes with classically styled clothing and sculpting. The misunderstood Hunchback has become a symbol of courage … but is he man or monster? Now you can decide!


8" Action Figure

26 Points of Articulation


$17.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price