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“Out of the hell-fire of horror unimaginable rises the figure of terror incarnate!”  Mego proudly presents Hammer Horror’s The Phantom of the Opera!  The Phantom is making an auspicious return to the Megoverse with the all-new version of this timeless Horror icon!

“Driven by HATE to live behind a mask of horror. Driven by LOVE to steal the beauty the world denied him!”  His life’s work stolen … the composer is horribly disfigured by fire trying to reclaim what is his! Now the Phantom lives out his days beneath the opera house in a subterranean cavern - looking for his next inspiration … And when you sing, Christine, you will be singing only... for me.”

Mego and Hammer Horror fans can now play out the Phantom’s journey of love and revenge with the all-new 8” classically styled action figure! The Phantom is outfitted with screen accurate attire and sculpting as seen in the 1962 Hammer Horror film. The most unusual tale of terror - and love - ever told!”


8" Action Figure

26 Points of Articulation

Hammer Horror Phantom of The Opera