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Mego presents the World’s Greatest Mego Monsters Grim Reaper 8” action figure! The ghostly phantom of Death is making his way to the Megoverse for the very first time ever!

The Angel of Death severs the last tie to earthly life with his scythe and grants passage to the afterlife where final judgment will take place. Do you follow and let the Pale Death guide you to your final destination … or do you try to run and cheat the Grim Reaper?

The Grim Reaper being a collector of sorts himself wants everyone to add this all new Mego action figure to their collections … or beware! This classically styled 8” Grim Reaper action figure is sure to be a fan favorite! No one can escape the grasp of the Reaper!


8" Action Figure

26 Points of Articulation

Grim Reaper