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The federation starship Enterprise receives an emergency distress call from a Planet in the Talos system. “Records show the Talos group has never been explored.” The landing party beams down to investigate.  The beings of Talos IV have developed powerful telepathic abilities that can make others do anything they want. How can the crew of the Enterprise know what is real and what is an illusion? Will they succumb to the Talosian’s powers? Now you can reenact scenes from the early adventures of Capt. Pike and Mr. Spock with this all new 8’ classically styled Talosian Mego action figure! The Talosian comes with screen accurate clothing and sculpting as seen in the pilot episode of Star Trek, "The Cage”. Now you can take your Mego action figure collection to “where no one has gone before”!


8" action figure

26 points of articulation
































































































































































































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Star Trek: Talosian

*ETA June/July 2024